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re:code LA is now more accessible from home and on the go. The new added features amount to the most digitally enhanced public outreach website the Department of City Planning has ever used. Coupling these new website features with extensive in-person outreach will advance the development of a 21st century Zoning Code. The new website is organized into three sections:
  • Stay Informed – Come here for news, recent updates, upcoming events and for details of past events. New features allow direct copy of event information into your online calendar and a gallery holds photos and videos relating to planning in Los Angeles.
  • Respond Now – We’re listening! MapIt organizes observations of how the Zoning Code has impacted the community, for better or worse. Snap a photo, share a thought and start a discussion with others from any device. MarkUp will host documents available for public review and allows users to submit comments or review comments by others and provide a reply. Contact us provides a direct line to re:code LA staff.
  • Learn More – Thirsty for more detail? Learn about the re:code LAdeliverables and timeline. A Zoning 101 provides background on zoning in Los Angeles. Resources link to other pertinent efforts and an archive provides easy access to re:code LA material, such as past presentations and reports.
– Bookmark today:
re:codeLA is the first comprehensive update to the Los Angeles Zoning Code since 1946. This five year initiative aims to develop a modern and user-friendly Code in order to create livable communities, encourage sustainable development, and foster economic vitality. Please invite your friends and neighbors to visit us at to learn more about the project and sign up for email updates.

LADWP-LogoOn September 2, 2013, the LADWP completed the replacement of its 39-year old Customer Information System (CIS) after over three years of planning and development.

This CIS platform touches nearly every aspect of utility operations, including customer service, meter reading and billing. It is the heart of our customer service system and used during each customer interaction by phone or online. Over time, this system will help us significantly improve the customer experience.

Any time an information system of this size and scope is replaced, issues will arise and need to be addressed within the first 1 to 3 billing cycles. LADWP is currently near the beginning of the 2nd billing cycle.

To date, approximately 3% to 5% of our customers have experienced delayed bills and late notices, and incorrectly estimated bills, which has led to periods of Continue reading

concreterisksL.A.’s hidden earthquake dangers…

Thousands of Southern Californians live and work in a type of building vulnerable to collapse in an earthquake. To assess the danger, a team of Times reporters combed through thousands of city and county records to identify these buildings — concrete structures built before 1976. We found more than 1,000.

Experts say we’re overdue for a major earthquake. So find out where the dangers lie, and why so little has been done about them.

Interactive map: Where the buildings are»

Infographic: How concrete buildings fail»

Photos: The perils of concrete»

FAQ: Concrete buildings, earthquake safety and you»

Response: L.A.’s mayor weighs in»

Full coverage: The Times’ ongoing look at earthquake safety»



The City of Los Angeles currently has a federally grant funded program in which free street trees are being planted along the parkway. The only requirements are that participants must agree to water their tree(s) and they must live within the City. For more information please go to or call (213) 485-3954. Can you please share this information and help spread the word. Together we can beautify the neighborhood and create a more sustainable City!

bag jonathanyoungblood

The LA-32 NC voted, with a community impact statement, to reject Los Angeles City Council motion to ban plastic grocery bags. Voting to reject basically states that there will be no benefit to the NC community by not allowing plastic bags at grocery store outlets, also rejects council motion that paper bags must be purchased by grocery shoppers.

The impact statement can be viewed here. More info is included in the link below: a Los Angeles Times article with background info.

The ordinance goes into effect Jan 1, 2014.

Dear Friends,

Starting October 1, millions of Americans have the opportunity to shop for and enroll in quality, affordable health insurance. California’s health insurance marketplace, Covered California, will give consumers here in Los Angeles and across the state a new, easy-to-use marketplace where they can compare health insurance options.

Covered California offers a number of options that are based on your specific situation. Depending on your income and family size, you could be eligible for no-cost Medi-Cal or for financial assistance to help reduce your monthly premium costs.

You may apply at, via phone at 800-300-1506 in 13 different languages, in person through a certified enrollment counselor, or by mail. Insurance plans can only be purchased during pre-enrollment starting October 1, 2013, and during open enrollment (January 1 – March 31, 2014) annually.

Have questions?

I invite you to my next Affordable Care Act information session on Saturday, October 19 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Burbank Middle School, 6460 N. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042.

As always, if you have additional questions on finding afffordable health coverage, please call my office at 213-481-1425.

Member of Congress

applesandorangesDear Neighborhood Council Board members and Community Stakeholders:

Please take a moment to complete this on-line survey regarding the proposed consolidation/realignment of city departments:

Direct link:

The direct link is also available via the Planning Department’s Website, please visit: and you will see the link to the survey under “What’s New” on the upper right hand corner.

An online survey has been published as an on-line tool to gather input from as many residents and Neighborhood Council members as possible.  If this issue regarding the proposed consolidation interests you, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. To provide additional feedback, ask questions, and make suggestions about the new department, you may also send the CAO an email at:

Feedback from the survey and your input will help the CAO understand how to implement the new department to better serve the City’s residents. Please note that the consultant will be issuing a final report in early October 2013 with detailed recommendations for implementing the new department. Your input prior to the final report issuance will provide an important perspective on how the new department should be structured, its mission, and how the City can improve delivery of its development services.

For further questions or inquiries you may contact:

Jason Killeen

Office of the City Administrative Officer
Tel:  (213) 473-7574
Fax: (213) 473-7515

Thank you for your time and if you can please encourage your neighbors to also fill out this survey.

Register for the NC CONGRESS OF NEIGHBORHOODS today.  The CONGRESS will take place on Saturday, September 28th 2013 at CITY HALL at 200 North Spring Street, Los Angeles!  (18 days from now!)
Remember to put this on your Neighborhood Council Agendas and encourage your board members and active stakeholders to register ASAP!
We have some amazing workshops this year that are filling up quickly!  You can see the line up of workshops here:
The event is completely FREE and includes meals, parking, workshops and networking !
A printable parking pass will be available after registering.
Anyone without access to the Internet can register by calling: 213-978-1481.
Dress code for the event will be casual. There will be a group photo taken during the opening session so feel free to represent your NC with t-shirts, buttons and flair!