LA-32 Neighborhood Council is seeking for Awesome Great Leaders of our Community to be on the LA-32 NC Board. (2) of the North Region seats are Vacant and waiting for you to fill it.
If you are interested or know someone who is interested have them join us at our next General Board meeting on October 4, 2017 at 6 pm at the El Sereno Senior Center. Questions or concerns email the Executive board at
See the attached link from our website of the LA32 NC boundaries.
Our bylaws state the following process for filling a vacant seat:
Section 6: Filling Vacancies
If a Director resigns, is expelled, or is recalled from his/her position, or if there were not enough candidates to fill a specific category during the election, the Board can nominate individuals to fill those vacant positions; all candidates must verify stakeholder status by completing a candidate application form. The order of selection is as follows:
Same Region – The Board may first nominate from the pool of candidates in the same region that did not win in that election, pending if the candidate is still interested.
Top Runners-up of any other Region – If there were no losing candidates from the same region, the Board may nominate from the top runner-up candidates from other categories (region or at-large).
Nominate from Stakeholders – Board members may nominate Stakeholders or any Stakeholder can request consideration for filling in that vacancy.
Board Approval – The Board shall vote and approve all nominations to fill vacancies by a simple majority vote. The person thus selected will serve out the remainder of the original term.
In no event shall a vacant seat be filled while a general election is scheduled to occur within sixty (60) days from the date of vacancy


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